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UP IN SMOKECigar review board

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                                  *****     The Don would be proud!


CIGAR: Gurka, Signature Black 1887


Smokin Joe’s, Rte 31  (Witmer Rd)

WRAPPER:  Nicaraguan Wrapper, Signature 1887 is a limited cigar by Gurkhaavailable in either a natural or maduro Nicaraguan wrapper.

     Rating: *** (Thick veins across a rich chocolate finish with minor flaws ) 

BINDER:      Dominican Binder

     Rating: ** (Loosly contained the filler allowing the filler to burn unevenly)

 FILLER:       Peruvian and Indian Filler.

     Rating: **** (Really enjoyed the smooth, medium bodied richness portrayed in a cedar aroma)

SIZE:              6 x 56

STRENGTH: Medium body

OVERALL RATING:  *** (I began with a light heat to the tip then a flame which was hard to take at first only catching on one side. The cigar burned unevenly and required multiple flames to keep the cigar lit. Due to the extreme cold, dry weather we have been having I cannot fully blame the cigar nor the manufacturer for the wrapper coming apart but none the less it required some work keeping the cigar from falling apart. It was a hard cigar to decide on because I enjoyed the look of the cigar but it had some flaws, I enjoyed the smooth draw but it burned unevenly, and I enjoyed the flavor of the cigar but it took a little work to keep it lit. Overall I would be willing to try this cigar again under better humidification and temperature settings.)


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